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Title Sum-
Institution Dataset ID
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The Dataset's Variables and Attributes

Row Type Variable Name Attribute Name Data Type Value
attribute NC_GLOBAL cde_ingest String false
attribute NC_GLOBAL cdm_data_type String TimeSeries
attribute NC_GLOBAL cdm_timeseries_variables String station_name,longitude,latitude
attribute NC_GLOBAL Conventions String COARDS, CF-1.6, ACDD-1.3
attribute NC_GLOBAL creator_email String SmartBay at
attribute NC_GLOBAL creator_name String Marine Institute
attribute NC_GLOBAL creator_url String (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL Easternmost_Easting double -53.13495
attribute NC_GLOBAL featureType String TimeSeries
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lat_max double 47.388657
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lat_min double 47.388657
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lat_units String degrees_north
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lon_max double -53.13495
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lon_min double -53.13495
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lon_units String degrees_east
attribute NC_GLOBAL infoUrl String
attribute NC_GLOBAL institution String MI
attribute NC_GLOBAL keywords String atmosphere, atmospheric, data, date, date_and_time, dew, dew point, dewpoint, dewpoint_c, direction, earth, Earth Science > Atmosphere > Atmospheric Winds > Surface Winds, floored, holyrood, hpa, humidity, maximet, meteorology, percent, point, pressure, pressure_hpa, relative, relative_humidity, science, shore, sonic, speed, station, status, status_maximet, status_wind_sonic, supply, supply_voltage_v, surface, system, system_date_maximet, system_date_wind_sonic, temperature, temperature_c, test, time, v, voltage, wind, wind_direction_deg_true, wind_from_direction, wind_speed, wind_speed_m_s, winds
attribute NC_GLOBAL keywords_vocabulary String GCMD Science Keywords
attribute NC_GLOBAL license String The data may be used and redistributed for free but is not intended
for legal use, since it may contain inaccuracies. Neither the data
Contributor, ERD, NOAA, nor the United States Government, nor any
of their employees or contractors, makes any warranty, express or
implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a
particular purpose, or assumes any legal liability for the accuracy,
completeness, or usefulness, of this information.
attribute NC_GLOBAL Northernmost_Northing double 47.388657
attribute NC_GLOBAL project String SmartAtlantic
attribute NC_GLOBAL sourceUrl String (local files)
attribute NC_GLOBAL Southernmost_Northing double 47.388657
attribute NC_GLOBAL standard_name_vocabulary String CF Standard Name Table v79
attribute NC_GLOBAL summary String Replacing the Holyrood Wharf station, the new shore station is located in the South Arm of Holyrood Bay, at The Launch in Conception Bay. The station consists of a Gill MaxiMet GMX300 weather station and a Gill WindSonic 60 anemometer. The weather station measures air pressure, relative humidity, temperature and dewpoint. The anemometer measures wind speed and direction. Data from the station is available in near-real time and is utilized by mariners in this region in support of safer and more efficient marine operations.
attribute NC_GLOBAL testOutOfDate String now-20min
attribute NC_GLOBAL time_coverage_end String 2024-04-16T21:51:34Z
attribute NC_GLOBAL time_coverage_start String 2023-04-28T19:05:25Z
attribute NC_GLOBAL title String Holyrood Shore Station
attribute NC_GLOBAL Westernmost_Easting double -53.13495
variable station_name   String  
attribute station_name _Encoding String UTF-8
attribute station_name actual_range String holyrood_shore_station
attribute station_name cf_role String timeseries_id
attribute station_name ioos_category String Identifier
attribute station_name long_name String Station Name
variable latitude   double  
attribute latitude _CoordinateAxisType String Lat
attribute latitude actual_range double 47.388657, 47.388657
attribute latitude axis String Y
attribute latitude colorBarMaximum double 90.0
attribute latitude colorBarMinimum double -90.0
attribute latitude ioos_category String Location
attribute latitude long_name String Latitude
attribute latitude standard_name String latitude
attribute latitude units String degrees_north
variable longitude   double  
attribute longitude _CoordinateAxisType String Lon
attribute longitude actual_range double -53.13495, -53.13495
attribute longitude axis String X
attribute longitude colorBarMaximum double 180.0
attribute longitude colorBarMinimum double -180.0
attribute longitude ioos_category String Location
attribute longitude long_name String Longitude
attribute longitude standard_name String longitude
attribute longitude units String degrees_east
variable time   double  
attribute time _CoordinateAxisType String Time
attribute time actual_range double 1.682708725E9, 1.713304294E9
attribute time axis String T
attribute time ioos_category String Time
attribute time long_name String Timestamp
attribute time source_name String floored_date
attribute time standard_name String time
attribute time time_origin String 01-JAN-1970 00:00:00
attribute time time_precision String 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z
attribute time units String seconds since 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z
variable system_date_wind_sonic   double  
attribute system_date_wind_sonic actual_range double 1.682708725735E9, 1.71330429464E9
attribute system_date_wind_sonic ioos_category String Time
attribute system_date_wind_sonic long_name String System Date (Wind Sonic)
attribute system_date_wind_sonic standard_name String time
attribute system_date_wind_sonic time_origin String 01-JAN-1970 00:00:00
attribute system_date_wind_sonic time_precision String 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z
attribute system_date_wind_sonic units String seconds since 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z
variable wind_direction   float  
attribute wind_direction _FillValue float NaN
attribute wind_direction actual_range float 0.0, 359.0
attribute wind_direction colorBarMaximum double 360.0
attribute wind_direction colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute wind_direction ioos_category String Wind
attribute wind_direction long_name String Wind From Direction
attribute wind_direction standard_name String wind_from_direction
attribute wind_direction units String degree_true
variable wind_speed   float  
attribute wind_speed _FillValue float NaN
attribute wind_speed actual_range float 0.0, 23.38
attribute wind_speed colorBarMaximum double 60.0
attribute wind_speed colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute wind_speed ioos_category String Wind
attribute wind_speed long_name String Wind Speed
attribute wind_speed standard_name String wind_speed
attribute wind_speed units String m s-1
variable status_wind_sonic   float  
attribute status_wind_sonic _FillValue float NaN
attribute status_wind_sonic actual_range float 0.0, 18.0
attribute status_wind_sonic ioos_category String Other
attribute status_wind_sonic long_name String Status (Wind Sonic)
variable system_date_maximet   double  
attribute system_date_maximet ioos_category String Time
attribute system_date_maximet long_name String System Date (Maximet)
attribute system_date_maximet standard_name String time
attribute system_date_maximet time_origin String 01-JAN-1970 00:00:00
attribute system_date_maximet time_precision String 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z
attribute system_date_maximet units String seconds since 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z
variable air_pressure   float  
attribute air_pressure _FillValue float NaN
attribute air_pressure actual_range float 42.0, 1041.3
attribute air_pressure colorBarMaximum double 1050.0
attribute air_pressure colorBarMinimum double 950.0
attribute air_pressure ioos_category String Pressure
attribute air_pressure long_name String Air Pressure
attribute air_pressure standard_name String air_pressure
attribute air_pressure units String hpa
variable relative_humidity   byte  
attribute relative_humidity _FillValue byte 127
attribute relative_humidity actual_range byte -14, 100
attribute relative_humidity ioos_category String Meteorology
attribute relative_humidity long_name String Relative Humidity
attribute relative_humidity standard_name String relative_humidity
attribute relative_humidity units String 1
variable air_temp   float  
attribute air_temp actual_range float -18.5, 29.7
attribute air_temp ioos_category String Temperature
attribute air_temp long_name String Air Temperature
attribute air_temp standard_name String air_temperature
attribute air_temp units String degree_C
variable air_dewpoint   float  
attribute air_dewpoint actual_range float -19.4, 22.8
attribute air_dewpoint ioos_category String Meteorology
attribute air_dewpoint long_name String Dewpoint
attribute air_dewpoint standard_name String dew_point_temperature
attribute air_dewpoint units String degree_C
variable date_and_time   double  
attribute date_and_time actual_range double NaN, 1.7133038174E9
attribute date_and_time ioos_category String Time
attribute date_and_time long_name String Date And Time
attribute date_and_time standard_name String time
attribute date_and_time time_origin String 01-JAN-1970 00:00:00
attribute date_and_time time_precision String 1970-01-01T00:00:00.0Z
attribute date_and_time units String seconds since 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z
variable supply_voltage   float  
attribute supply_voltage actual_range float 0.0, 14.6
attribute supply_voltage ioos_category String Other
attribute supply_voltage long_name String Supply Voltage
attribute supply_voltage units String V
variable status_maximet   byte  
attribute status_maximet _FillValue byte 127
attribute status_maximet actual_range byte 0, 9
attribute status_maximet ioos_category String Other
attribute status_maximet long_name String Status (Maximet)

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