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The outOfDate index is a simplistic measure of how out-of-date a dataset is: <0: unexpectedly from the future(!), <1: up-to-date, >=1: out-of-date, >=2: very out-of-date. For out-of-date datasets, there is presumably a problem with the data source, so ERDDAP is unable to access data from more recent time points.

32 matching datasets. This web page was generated at 2022-12-06T21:42:53Z .

outOfDate testOutOfDate maxTime datasetID title
███ 6809.7793 now-60minutes 2022-02-26T05:25:00Z SMA_MouthofPlacentiaBayBuoy Mouth of Placentia Bay Buoy
███ 965.88116 now-240minutes 2022-06-28T22:24:01Z SMA_port_aux_basques Channel-Port Aux Basques Buoy
███ 151.76675 now-10min 2022-12-05T20:27:12Z SMA_holyrood_shore_station Holyrood Shore Station, Test
███ 129.97375 now-10min 2022-12-06T00:04:50Z SMA_Holyrood_Buoy1_wind_raw Holyrood Buoy 1, Raw Wind Data
███ 11.099328 now-1day 2022-11-25T19:20:00Z SMA_Holyrood_Buoy1 Holyrood Buoy 1
███ 1.1450946 now-20minutes 2022-12-06T21:20:00Z SMA_halifax_anemometer1 Halifax Ocean Terminals: Pier 31
███ 1.1450946 now-20minutes 2022-12-06T21:20:00Z SMA_halifax_fairview Halifax Ocean Terminals: Fairview
███ 1.079948 now-44minutes 2022-12-06T20:55:23Z SMA_holyrood_wharf Holyrood Wharf Weather Station
███ 0.9241584 now-2hours 2022-12-06T19:52:00Z sma_negl_black_tickle_nlqu0003 NEGL, Black Tickle-Domino, NunatuKavut (NLQU0003)
███ 0.9241584 now-2hours 2022-12-06T19:52:00Z sma_negl_cartwright_junction_nlqu0004 NEGL, Cartwright Junction, Labrador (NLQU0004)
███ 0.9241584 now-2hours 2022-12-06T19:52:00Z sma_negl_postville_nlqu0001 NEGL, Postville, Nunatsiavut (NLQU0001)
███ 0.9241584 now-2hours 2022-12-06T19:52:00Z sma_negl_red_bay_nlqu0005 NEGL, Red Bay, NunatuKavut (NLQU0005)
███ 0.9241584 now-2hours 2022-12-06T19:52:00Z sma_negl_rigolet_nlqu0002 NEGL, Rigolet, Nunatsiavut (NLQU0002)
███ 0.8574845 now-120minutes 2022-12-06T20:00:00Z SmartAtlantic_XEOS_h1_buoy XEOS H1 Buoy Wave Sensor
███ 0.8286712 now-240minutes 2022-12-06T18:24:01Z SMA_port_aux_basques_burnin Channel-Port Aux Basques Buoy - burnin
███ 0.7852544 now-2hours 2022-12-06T20:08:40Z DFO_Sutron_DOGIS Fortune Bay: Dog Island - DOGIS
███ 0.72413665 now-2hours 2022-12-06T20:16:00Z sma_negl_north_west_river_nlqu0007 NEGL, North West River, Labrador (NLQU0007)
███ 0.64476824 now-20minutes 2022-12-06T21:30:00Z SMA_halifax_pier9c Halifax Ocean Terminals: Pier 9C
███ 0.64476824 now-20minutes 2022-12-06T21:30:00Z eccc_opp_44488_east_chedabucto_bay ECCC OPP, 44488, East Chedabucto Bay
███ 0.64476824 now-20minutes 2022-12-06T21:30:00Z eccc_opp_44489_west_chedabucto_bay ECCC OPP, 44489, West Chedabucto Bay
███ 0.47632498 now-20minutes 2022-12-06T21:33:22Z SMA_port_aux_basqes_wharf Channel-Port Aux Basques Tide Station
███ 0.39910132 now-120minutes 2022-12-06T20:55:00Z SMA_Holyrood_Buoy2 Holyrood Buoy 2
███ 0.39460498 now-20minutes 2022-12-06T21:35:00Z SMA_saint_john_cruise_terminal Diamond Jubilee Cruise Ship Terminal Meteorological Station
███ 0.33124343 now-60minutes 2022-12-06T21:23:01Z SMA_halifax Halifax (Herring Cove) Buoy
███ 0.33124343 now-60minutes 2022-12-06T21:23:01Z SMA_saint_john Saint John Buoy
███ 0.32409316 now-2hours 2022-12-06T21:04:00Z DFO_Sutron_KLUMI Placentia Bay: Ragged Islands - KLUMI
███ 0.2836721 now-2hours 2022-12-06T21:08:51Z DFO_Sutron_POOLC Fortune Bay: Pool's Cove - POOLC
███ 0.28242198 now-2hours 2022-12-06T21:09:00Z DFO_Sutron_NHARB Placentia Bay: North Harbour - NHARB
███ 0.23518755 now-8hours 2022-12-06T19:50:00Z SMA_red_island_shoal Pilot Boarding Station / Red Island Shoal Buoy
███ 0.1657426 now-120minutes 2022-12-06T21:23:00Z SmartAtlantic_XEOS_hkb_buoy XEOS HKB Buoy Wave Sensor
███ 0.13240565 now-120minutes 2022-12-06T21:27:00Z SMA_Fortune_Bay_Buoy Fortune Bay Buoy
███ 0.10726403 now-120minutes 2022-12-06T21:30:01Z SMA_st_johns St. John's Buoy

This web page was generated at 2022-12-06T21:42:53Z .
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