- Saint John, Bay of Fundy, NB

Marine Weather Forecast - Saint John, Bay of Fundy
issued 00:30 Thu 25 May 2017.
Next forecast will be issued at 12:30.
Light and variable winds this morning as high pressure builds in the wake of a low. Winds freshen to 10 to 15 knot easterlies this afternoon, then further freshen to 15 to 20 knot northeasterlies Friday afternoon into Saturday morning, as a low approaches from the southwest. Fair to poor visibility improves to good by afternoon, then falls to fair Friday morning. Temperatures near 9 this morning rise to 14 this afternoon, then fall to 8 Friday morning and persist into Friday afternoon. Temperatures fall to 7 Saturday morning.

SmartAtlantic Notices

Please Note: The Port aux Basques Buoy has been removed from service for the remainder of the winter season. Buoy will be redeployed in Spring of 2017.

Please be advised that connectivity to the SmartAtlantic web portal will be unavailable from 12:01 am until approximately 4:00 am due to planned network maintenance.

SmartAtlantic Alliance is pleased to announce the Saint John buoy data and associated forecasts are now live. The Saint John buoy represents the latest addition to the Atlantic Canada ocean observation scene. Additional details can be found on the Saint John page.

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