- Saint John, Bay of Fundy, NB

Marine Weather Forecast - Saint John, Bay of Fundy
issued 12:30 Sat 30 Jul 2016.
Next forecast will be issued at 00:30.
Light and variable winds freshen to 5 to 10 knot southwesterlies this afternoon in the wake of a trough. Winds veer to northwesterlies Sunday morning as a weak ridge builds over the Maritimes, then gradually back to easterlies by Monday morning, under the ridge. Good visibility through the forecast period. Temperatures near 24 this afternoon fall to near 16 Sunday morning. Temperatures rise to near 23 Sunday afternoon, fall to 16 Monday morning, then rise to 22 Monday afternoon.

SmartAtlantic Notices

SmartAtlantic Alliance is pleased to announce the Saint John buoy data and associated forecasts are now live. The Saint John buoy represents the latest addition to the Atlantic Canada ocean observation scene. Additional details can be found on the Saint John page.

The Red Island Buoy has been removed from service for a short period of time so that we may perform regular maintenance. We hope to have the buoy back in service in the next couple of weeks. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

We are currently experiencing data outages for wind speed and direction from our Mouth of Bay buoy and as well we are experiencing communications problems with our Come by Chance buoy. The SmartBay team is working on resolving these issues. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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