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Placentia Bay Marine Forecast issued at 22:30 Mon 22 Oct 2018
15 to 20 knot westerlies back to 5 to 10 knot southeasterlies Wednesday morning, under high pressure. Winds freshen to 15 to 20 knots Wednesday morning, then freshen to 25 to 35 knots Wednesday evening as a low tracks over the Maritimes. Good visibility through the period. Temperatures near 6 rise to 8 Tuesday afternoon, then further to 9 Wednesday afternoon and persist into evening.
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  • Note: The Placentia Bay Marine Forecast is updated four times daily, at 4:30 AM/PM and 10:30 AM/PM, from October 1st to April 30th. During the months of May to September the Placentia Bay Marine Forecast is issued twice daily at 10:30 AM/PM. The Site-Specific Forecasts for buoy locations are issued twice daily at 6:30 AM/PM throughout the year.