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Placentia Bay Marine Forecast issued at 10:30 Fri 20 Jul 2018
5 to 10 knot westerlies today as a weak low approaches from the south, generally persisting into Saturday morning as the low stalls south of Newfoundland. Winds freshen to 10 to 15 knot southwesterlies into Saturday afternoon, and gradually back to southerlies into Sunday morning, under a series of troughs, north of high pressure. Poor visibility improves to good by evening, then falls to poor Sunday morning. Temperatures generally between 9 and 13 through the forecast period.
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  • Note: The Placentia Bay Marine Forecast is updated four times daily, at 4:30 AM/PM and 10:30 AM/PM, from October 1st to April 30th. During the months of May to September the Placentia Bay Marine Forecast is issued twice daily at 10:30 AM/PM. The Site-Specific Forecasts for buoy locations are issued twice daily at 6:30 AM/PM throughout the year.