- Saint John, Bay of Fundy, NB

Marine Weather Forecast - Saint John, Bay of Fundy
issued 00:30 Thu 21 Mar 2019.
Next forecast will be issued at 12:30.


Generally 10 to 20 knot southwesterlies this morning through evening as high pressure tracks south of Newfoundland and over the Grand Banks. Winds back to easterlies early Friday morning, then gradually freshen to 25 to 35 knots by afternoon, as a low approaches from the southwest. Winds diminish to 15 to 20 knot southerlies Saturday morning under the low centre. Good visibility falls to fair Friday morning, then further falls to poor Friday afternoon and persists into Saturday morning. Temperatures near plus 2 this morning rise to plus 5 this afternoon, then fall to zero Friday morning. Temperatures rise to 7 Friday afternoon, then fall to plus 1 Saturday morning.

SmartAtlantic Notices

We are pleased to announce that the Port aux Basques buoy has been deployed for the 2018 season.

We are pleased to announce that the Met/Ocean buoy has been deployed just outside Holyrood Arm in Conception Bay.

We are please to announce that as of July 6, 2017 the meteorological/oceanographic buoy has been redeployed off the Bay of Exploits area.

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