Placentia Bay, NL - Seabed Mapping
Placentia Bay Seabed "Fly-Through"

View an animated 3-D simulation of a trip around Placentia Bay revealing the complex undersea topography of the bay. The video includes informative narration so please make sure your computer's sound is turned on.

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Backscatter and Shaded Seafloor Relief Maps

The Geological Survey of Canada, Bedford Institute of Oceanography, has published 5 new Backscatter Maps and 5 new Shaded Seafloor Relief Maps covering Placentia Bay (published 2010). These maps are available from the Natural Resources Canada, Earth Sciences Sector, GEOSCAN website. Access by clicking the map link to the left.

Northest Arm - Placentia / Jerseyside area ( 0.5 m. Grid )

A survey of Northeast Arm reveals that the sea floor has changed considerably since production of the hydrographic chart (#4841). A depth scale is not available at present, but most of the area shown here is shallower than 10 metres. The dominant feature in the image is the shallow (red - yellow) flood-tidal delta. This is created by strong currents coming through The Gut at Placentia. The bedforms on the delta are oriented in several directions, suggesting strong incoming currents on the north side of the arm, and strong outgoing currents on the south side. The arm is slowly filling with sediments from outside The Gut.

Placentia Bay - Full Coverage ( 5 m. Grid )

This image shows the large field of drumlins in southwest Placentia Bay. They were formed by glacier ice that flowed from northwest to southeast. Other features include the muddy basin of Mortier Bay and large bedrock ridges east of Burin, oriented NE to SW.

"Mapping Placentia Bay"
Geological Survey Of Canada Poster

This colourful and informative poster provides great information to help you better understand and use the multibeam mapping in Placentia Bay. View this poster on-line or download it to your computer.

Authors: John Shaw and D.Patrick Potter
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Geological Survey of Canada, Atlantic - Mapping Placentia Bay, Newfoundland

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