Bay of Exploits Meterological/Oceanographic

Bay of Exploits Buoy

Time Now:      24-Nov-2017 13:18 NST
Time of Data: 24-Nov-2017 12:53 NST
Latitude: 49° 35.8650' N
Longitude: 054° 56.0092' W
Avg Wind Speed: 16 knots
Peak Wind Speed: 19 knots
Wind From: WSW
Air Temperature: 2.6 °C
Dew Point: Currently Unavailable   Humidity: Currently Unavailable
Barometric Pressure: 100.2 kPa  Trend: UP
Sea Surface Temperature: 4 °C
Current Velocity (0.5 m depth): 0.6 knots
Current Toward: 25 ° True (NNE)
wave data currently unavailable