Bonavista, Newfoundland

This site includes a Meteorological/Oceanographic Buoy at Cape Bonavista near RDC's Oversea Atlantic Ocean and Ice Observation R&D Facility. The facility provides a test bed for researchers and industry with interests in iceberg tracking, profiling and drift modeling, sea state observation and prediction, and radar, sensor and communications system validation.

SmartBay Notices

We are please to announce that as of July 6, 2017 the meteorological/oceanographic buoy has been redeployed off the Bay of Exploits area.

We are please to announce that as of June 22, 2017 a meteorological/oceanographic buoy has been deployed off the Cape of Bonavista

We are please to announce that as of Wednesday, May 17, 2017 the Port aux Basques buoy has been redeployed.

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Province of Newfoundland and Labrador RDC